June 15th, 2003

bald australia sepia

On Top of the World

Man I am on top of the fucking work after tonight's show. Doria Roberts and Ripley Caine have got to be two of the nicest human beings touring this country. We had a decent turnout and the crowd really dug the show. 3 hours of folk music!

And in the end Doria and I chatted for about an hour or so about fundraising for the IMC. That woman thinks BIG. On top of being a mind-numbingly cool musician she's such an incredible organizer. She hooked me up with some backdoor contact info for some big name artists who (who knows) might be willing to help us out with some fundraising/outreach kind of stuff. Maybe a big benefit show. She's so networked, I'm so proud that she plays our dinky little (compared to, oh say, Lillith Fair....which she has played) shows. :)

I feel like indymedia can only go up from here. I'm finally getting the hang of this shows booking thing. I've had two really successful shows in a row and more on the way. I'm digging it.

And what other artist besides Ripley Caine gives their promoter/soundguy a friendly hug as greeting and goodbye? I love working with nice people. It's shit like that that keeps me doing this crazy folk music booking thang.

And Eleni Moraites just gets better every time I see her too. Her set was longer than usual and every moment was captivating. Her voice is so beautiful, her sound is such dark and gooey goodness like a cookie.

I have so many good recordings of shows now.
bald australia sepia

Grand: Ehn

Man hope_persists will probably hate me for this but I'm just not digging the new Erin McKeown as much as I thought I would. It seems pretty over produced. It gets better as it goes on and gets jazzier, those first few songs are pure pop.

I mean it's fantastic jazzy pop, her voice is still incredible, her lyrics are great, and theres some of the trademark jazzy funky stuff. But what I really love about Erin is how subtle she is. I love those songs where the instruments are barely playing but every lick that does come out is just pure funky sweetness.

But I guess she wanted to make a crankable loud album and she's got that in this one. I'm sure this'll grow on me, it's just not what I expected. If every album she makes is totally different from every other album that'd of course be a sign of her awesome musical genius. I still love her.

And, in unrelated reviewage, has anyone else noticed some serious noise on the Gillian Welch album Soul Journey? Like when I crank it there's a hum/buzz in the background. It isn't my stereo because other albums don't have this problem. It's pretty annoying because I love the songs SO MUCH but when I crank them I get distracted by that buzz.

This is the problem with spending so much time behind a sound board, you start to notice the little technical stuff. You wanna go replace a cable or EQ something out or move a monitor or lift a ground or jiggle something until it sounds better and you CAN'T.