May 25th, 2003

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A Dream Concept Braid

Last night's fever induced dream.

In the beginning of this dream I show up at a friends house to meet my other friend who knows a lot of stuff about electrical code to show her the report for the IMC's code violations. I just walk into the house and down to a dark room in the basement where she and a bunch of friends have been getting stoned for about 24 hours straight. Needless to say it is pretty difficult to communicate with them but eventually I just hand her the report and leave. The weird thing about this intro to the dream is that this is almost exactly something I could have done today. That friend is at that house and she's probably been getting pretty stoned in the basement.

There was some other parallel prolog involving my mom and asking her to come to the IMC for something. I think maybe there was a whole thread where my dad and his co-guitar player and my sister were playing some music in the gallery. Kind of a weird scene where different musicians are on different sides of the room not paying attention to each other visually but still locked in sync.

Then there's the main dream which has nothing to do with the first two prolog scenes. There's a group of people taking a trip to get to the IMC. The trip takes us through an abandoned shopping mall and some sort of sewer like passages. As the trip progresses "I" kind of blip out of the dream and it just a bunch of characters, none of whom are "me". The dream keeps changing to the perspective of different characters on this journey, like a movie.

The setting of the journey has a sort of Night of the Comet meets Angel The Series feel too it. One character is the roguish but inept leader type. Another seems to be completely schizo insane and everyone wishes he wasn't with the group. Another is a woman who is reluctantly going along but is feeling ill and late in the dream really needs to find a bathroom. This woman at alternate times may be my friend who I want to visit the IMC or my mom or some random woman. The random version of this woman is a hollywood agent wanna be trying to find the right connections to get into the business and all this mucking about in the sewers is doing nothing for her career.

The action peak comes when we are running from something and need to hide and the inept roguish leader guy has us all jump into this giant cardboard box and in a feat of Matrix-esque action he grabs a cheap clip on light thingy and plugs it into the wall outside the box and clips it inside the box (and at times this box is kind of like a gigantic suitcase, ala the IMC lighting system) so that we can see while we hide in there. I think the character that was feeling ill really didn't want to get wet. It's raining like crazy so I think this is why we jumped in the box. But now this box is leaking like crazy and of course we realize that we're going to get electrocuted (did I mention that at last night's show, unbeknownst to me, the PA was grounded improperly and the singers kept getting electric shocks from the microphones?).

The inept leader guy who set up the light in the box starts making a long drawn out and impractical plan about how to shield the light's wiring from the rain while at the same time the light is arcing and zapping and popping with electricity. Meanwhile the insane schizo guy who had until this point only said complete non-sequiters and annoyed the hell out of everyone jumps out of the box in another matrix kind of leap and unplugs the light in a mid air somersault. Duh, to protect from electrocution just unplug it. The guy goes back to being insane and we hide in the now dark and wet box until the mega rain subsides to a drizzle and then continue on our quest. (notice I've reverted back to "we"...I wasn't a single character in the group but at any given moment I may have been any of the characters in the group whichever one the perspective was coming from).

Everyone continues to be annoyed by the insane guy but at a point when everyone is lost in the mall he directs them in the right direction.

At some point the insane guy and the hollywood agent wannabe are separated from the group and having a talk and she's ranting about her failures to make the right connections, not expecting him to understand or care but just needing to rant. He writes a phone number down and gives it to her silently. She reads it and says "Did you just give me the Regina Number? How do _you_ know the Regina Number? This is amazing!" (I have NO IDEA why the most covetted phone number for a hollywood agent in my dream is called "Regina". That word has never been part of my life so it isn't a reference to ANYTHING.)

Anyway this guy finally reveals to her that he's an actor who has a role coming up where he plays a schizophrenic homeless guy and to prepare for the role he's been living on the streets acting insane for weeks. She realizes that he was breaking character out of self-preservation in each of the instances where he saved everyone. When they return to the group she keeps his secret and he continues to act insane and annoying everyone (and everyone is still strangly wanting him to go away despite his having saved their lives multiple times).

Eventually the girl who needs to get to the bathrom does and I suppose if the journey had other goals those may have been acheived too. This is where it all fizzled out.
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