May 17th, 2003

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Night of Many Parties

This has been a seriously fun night. Just the right cure for my pissed off at the mainstream world blues. 3 house parties in one night. Jane's potluck, our 3 band party, and Aimee's DJ dance party.


Ping pong is harder, but still fun when drunk. It's really amazing how certain reflexes act faster than the reactors ability to perceive them. Like I felt drunk enough that I thought I couldn't move fast but I kept hitting the ball. I kept jerking to the right place. Even though I couldn't think that fast. That's pretty cool body memory stuff I guess.

I never got into 80s music but it's a whole other beast when buzzed. It just feels cool to move. I could care less about everyone else, I just enjoyed moving. Never quite had that exact experience when drunk before.

Some chick pulled me into the center of the crowd and said "so are you dancing with me or what". And we danced for a little bit and I was SO NERVOUS. I NEVER dance with other people. I can't do it. I don't understand the social codes. I don't know what is allowed and what is expected. I don't have that script. I just freak out and want to hide. But we danced for a little bit and it was a goof until she said something I didn't hear and scurried off. Paranoid me is sure it was something grumpy as though I'd failed in my role as dance partner. Who knows....whatever. Still fun.

Is that the first time I've been drunk since September? When was the part at Tish's sister's place? That's definitely the last time I got super drunk, no where near that this time. This is more like post funeral drunk (but hella more purely happier).

Maker's Mark is enjoyable to drink.

I know that there's nothing more annoying to a sober person than an idiot drunk talking about the experience of being drunk. And yet I post this anyway....annoying.
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