February 16th, 2003

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V-Day Exploits

Last night Heather and I went to Basmati and had a fantastic meal (with amazingly fast service given how crowded it was and that we didn't have a reservation). In the lobby we ran into a couple of friends out on a date...after some small talk with the girl who we both think is cool and were glad to see there was this really uncomfortable moment when the guy (who neither me nor my date really like much) asked if we should get a table for 4. Luckily before the uncomfortable hemming and hawing lasted too long the girl he was with nudged him and told him that since we were on a date we probably wanted to be alone.

Then we had a little adventure in the car.

Then we went and saw Evil Beaver and FeeD play at Mike and Molly's. That was a FANTASTIC show. I'd heard people rave about Evil Beaver (two chicks from chicago, drums and bass, playing heavy metal ("cock rock") influenced punk) but I'd never been to a show. Totally worth it! And the show was only three bucks...I think the bands were completely robbed. I'd have paid ten bucks for that show. FeeD is local, I'd never seen them before but I hope to see them often again. Their rock was solid. The rhythms the drummer played were both tight and insane, the keyboardist added some excellent atmosphere and fullness to the sound without compromising the punk asthetic, and bass was driving, the guitar was fierce, and the lyrics were cool. And -- there were some excessively hot people in that band (the lead singer chick and the drummer guy...zounds).

And then we came home and crashed out, exhausted from food, adventure, and maniacal punk-thrash-jig dancing.

This morning after braving the death snow for a 2 hour union organizing training session, I finally got Heather to start down the dark path of Buffy. We watched the first 2 episodes of Season 1 and she loved them.
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