January 29th, 2003

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completely random state of the union thoughts

If we really put money into fuel cell's we could have them on the
streets in 2-5 years, not 15. And fuel cells are pretty lame compared
to biodiesel, some kind of massive tech improvements on ethanol,
hybrids (combined with above), or just simply investing in public
transit infrastructure.

AIDS money is good...but he wants to focus on anti-retroviral drugs
primarily. So rather than "research to end a deadly disease" this is
"subsidy to the drug companies for something they already
make". It is great that we can extend the lives of those infected and
all but in the end they still die horrible deaths and the drugs do
_nothing_ to stop the spread of the disease. If anything they make the
disease less feared and thus increase it's spread. Let's spend some
money on _education_ and research for a vaccine and/or complete cure.

Money to put 300,000 people in drug rehab when there are 2,000,000
people in jail! Nice attempt to sound like you're trying to
decriminalize...but you fail.

Poor families will get $1400 back from the tax cuts. But how much will
their annual expenses increase with so many social programs being
underfunded or just eliminated? How much less will their annual income
be with the economy going to crap?

When he leans in and says with a cowboy smirk "let's just say they are
no longer a threat..." about folks that he's killed that really just
took the cake. Fucking cowboys.

I love how he implies that Iraq is on the path to _becoming_ like
North Korea if we don't attack. And then he says he'll work hard to
find a peaceful solution in North Korea. So he admits Iraq is small
potatoes compared to NK but somehow NK is deserving of more respect.
bald australia sepia

2 Dreams

Here's 2 dreams from Monday night.

Dream 1:

In the backseat of a car full of a lot of people. Some older relative is driving and she is kind of disoriented, not sure where she's going, not able to see so well. We're driving out in the country, past lots of fields and rural stuff. We pass some kind of family reunion (not our family, just a random picnic with lots of people). This girl comes running up behind the car. We're going pretty fast but somehow she is able to keep up (she gets a burst of speed to catch up and then falls behind again over and over) and she keeps hitting the trunk like to get our attention. I call out to the driver to stop and see what the girl has to say. We're going really fast now and the driver slams on the brakes, skids into the gravel shoulder, throws it into reverse, and fishtails back towards the girl, and runs her over because any of us shocked onlookers can call out.

I jump out of the car and run toward the girl who has flown across the road. None of the picnicers have noticed the scene. No one around has any cell phone or other way to call paramedics. In this dream though I know a lot of stuff about first aid. So I figure out how to help her and transport her back to her home.

Her parents thank me for all I did and I am welcomed into the home and continue to take care for a while (hours? days? weeks?). As she recovers she gets a crush on me. She starts hitting on me. She's just a kid and I have to figure out how to break it to her that there's no way at all that I could return her interest without making her feel all rejected. I'm just there to fix her broken leg. It is time for me to leave. I don't know what I said but somehow I was as masterful at this bit of psychology as I was at the first-aid medical stuff. I'm such a superhero in some of my dreams.

Dream 2:

This is one of those sex dreams without sex. It would have been a sex dream but things got all lame and the sex never happened. The dreams opens with me and a girl, a girl I believe to be my significant other (in the dream, not my real life significant other....I pretty much never dream about real life people who are part of my everyday life). We've arranged to have some alone time in some bedroom (a motel?) for what seems to be the first time in a while. Something we've (or at least I've) been looking forward to for a long time.

Then all of a sudden these two other girls walk into the room, invited by the girl I'm with. Apparently she wanted all of us there. At first I think, huh, interesting, group sex...interesting. Then I think....NAH...couldn't be. Then I think...*nervous*...do I really want this? But anyway some discussion about what the hell is going on ensues and it is revealed that my girl wants us all to sleep together, each of us thinks we're the girls only partners, and the other two girls are lesbians who are entirely uninterested in group sex involving me. The first girl suggests that maybe there's be some way in which we could all get it on without any interaction between those who don't want to interact. Everyone gives it a brief thought and then decides she's crazy and we all storm out.