Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

darkness => attack

I dreamed that I was jogging/riding my bike down some city roads late at night. All of a sudden I decided that I needed to veer down a very dark street. Until that point everything was well lit but there was this one street that had no lights at all.

As I went down the street this group ganged up on me and tried to mug me but somehow I fought back. I punched on in the face and just took off running super fast. I was in this huge race, pushing myself to run faster and faster, at almost super speeds. I was jumping from roof top to roof top. But they were at my heals the whole time and they were extra pissed because I'd punched one of them. I guess if I'd just let them mug me it'd have been no big deal, I'd get beat up and broke but now they were out for revenge.

I made my way to a library where I knew the people working late. I got in and locked the door behind me with the others just at my tail. I was safe for a moment. I explained the situation to my library friends. However the guys who were chasing me almost had the door busted down. I came up with a new plan, we had to take them (or scare them away) before they made it in. So somehow we figured out a way to open the door for exactly enough time for one person to come through but no more and then lock it again. We did this and as the first person came through I punched him in the face. But he didn't get knocked out like we hoped. It was really scary, had to keep trying to punch but was feeling weaker and weaker from the fear (and from not having ever punched anyone before).

Somehow with the aid of my friends we got the guy subdued, tied up or something, and threw him out the door and let another one in and did the same thing. It was hard work but eventually the gang gave us and ran away scared to take any more losses, giving up on their revenge.
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