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Go here and click on "Portfolio" and then click on "before/after". Select a thumbnail and click on "click to see BEFORE".

This is an amazing demonstration of the kinds of things that the media can do to make celebrities look more beautiful. Many of the pictures involve removing wrinkles, blemishes, blootshot eye, and cellulite but one of them actually removes INCHES from a woman's thigh.

These "beautiful" people look really NORMAL in their before pictures. I mean so normal, with so many of the imperfections that we all have, that they almost seem "ugly"...ugly like the rest of us. Ugly like all of us who aren't in magazines and on TV. Maybe we aren't so ugly after all? I mean obviously I don't think we're all ugly or that TV people are beautiful but I can't deny that I have a base gut negative reaction to some of the before pictures simply because I've never seen glossy pictures of celebrities looking like human beings.

Of course, since this company is selling its retouching services, one has to wonder if they also retouched the BEFORE pictures to make them look worse. I mean when someone says to you "I'm a really good liar, here look at some of my best lies." Can you trust them?

Reality is not what you see in photos.

Thanks to conejita_diabla for the link.
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