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In My Dream, Don as Spock is Dead

Holy crap! I just dreamed duck2ducks died.

He was trying to fix a breach in the space time continuum inside a U-haul type trailer and he had to flee from something and tried to climb up the walls and just got stuck at the top. After he was missing for a while we had to use our "vulcan body locators" to find him. These were two levitating boxes on leashes that naturally pulled towards some person (living or dead) that they were tuned to (permanently, each person, or at least each vulcan person had a pair of these). When we opened the trailer we couldn't see him in there until we saw footprints going up the side of the wall and then a body stuck up in the corner of the ceiling. The body was a burned plastic shell of a Spock manequin.

I was with a huge group of people that had just been at some other person's funeral and I'd been taking care of everybody. When I got on the phone with my sister to tell her what happened I broke down just _screaming_ _bawling_. I couldn't stand, I couldn't hold the phone. I was a mega wreck. Wiliam was in the crowd and commented wryly (but really nicely, he was trying to distract the group from the fucked situation with a light remark) "I suppose he gets the right to break down since we've all been breaking down around him all weekend" (because of the other funeral which was for like everyone's (but not mine) collective grandmother or something).

Someone who lived with Don (not William) was deluded into thinking that Don had died by trying to hack payperview and that it was his own fault for messing with something illegal that he didn't understand. I was so angry at this person. Hello, big difference between mending space time and stealing cable.

I think this dream was probably partly driven by the shocking news that a close friend of Daria's (Daria is my roomate) just today had a grand mal seizure. She's never had a seizure or any other neurological problem in her life. She doesn't have a tumor or any problems with her blood. She's seeing a neurologist in Chicago tomorrow so until then there's no way to know what is wrong with her. That that kind of thing could happen to someone with NO history of ANY health problems was pretty scary to have hit so close to home.

Once again a GOOD FEELING waking up to realize it Just Wasn't Real.
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