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Ellen Rosner Trio, Martine Locke, Kate Hathaway

Ellen Rosner Trio, Martine Locke, Kate Hathaway
Friday, July 11th @ 8pm
$8-$15 sliding scale at the door ($10 suggested)

The Channing-Murray (above the Red Herring)
1209 W. Oregon St., Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 344-8820

This is a night of Urban Acoustic. Driving, rocking, bluesy. Not your typical girls with guitars (but then again who is typical these days? That's what's so awesome about contemporary acoustic music!)

We've got a great 3 performer night coming up this Friday at the Channing-Murray, sponsored by the IMC Folk Music Series. Ellen Rosner called me up and told me she was on tour with Martine Locke from Australia and they were dying for a Champaign-Urbana date. I told them our folk fans wouldn't let them down. This is a very grass roots tour, I hope that with just a few days before the show you folks can spread the word far and wide about just how special this one is going to be. It isn't every day you get to hear the Urban Acoustic stylings of an Aussie!

Ellen Rosner is an indie-rocker from Chicago with an acoustic edge. She's as comfortable with a full band in a raucous club as with just her acoustic guitar in a cozy cafe. She's played the IMC several times with her band and solo and she was a featured performer at Grrrlfest last year. This time around she's playing with her trio.

"Chicago's Ellen Rosner has a rocking voice like Chrissie Hynde, and like Hynde, Rosner also has a way with lyrics" - ROCKRGRL, Spring 2003 issue

Born in a caravan park in Australia's Outback, Martine Locke has literally emerged from nowhere. She plays a masterful guitar combined with a captivating voice and witty, acerbic humor. She's opened for Ani Di Franco, Arlo Guthrie and The Cowboy Junkies. She runs her own record label and is independent to the core.

Kate Hathaway is a local singer-songwriter who could easily be touring the country. Her beautiful guitar and lyrics will keep you riveted. She's full of blues and power with a hint of Ani DiFranco. A few years from now when she's wildly famous you can say "I saw her at the Channing-Murray!"

Come to four IMC sponsored folk shows and get your fifth one free.

IMC Shows at the Channing-Murray are all ages, non-smoking, and non-alcoholic.

Take our survey and get a free sampler CD for the folk music series.
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