Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Another night, more dreams.



"Just remember, we're family, that's what having a good driveway means." Quote from a group of friends sitting out on the screen porch bonding and worrying that they won't have as good of a time again in the future. Looking out on the newly refinished driveway someone gets up and proclaims the above.


Get a call in the middle of a very busy day that a close friend (a real life friend too...not some dream extra playing the part of my friend) is in the hospital and has one day to live. I drop everything and drive to the hospital to hold her hand and say happy things in her final hours of consciousness.

Waking up from that one was FUCKED UP. (And actually REALLY happy to realize how far from reality the dream was.)


Leave it to me to forget the long action adventure dream of the night. I knew I shoulda written it down at 7am when I first woke up.
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