Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Selected Readings

I'm going to be giving two very informal talks at an upcoming event. One is on "Taoism in Le Guin" and the other is called "Media and Activism". Here is the selected reading list for both talks. I absolutely don't expect folks who come to the talks to actually have read all of this. I'm posting it here mainly so I can point participants in the event to the list with a simple URL.

Taoism in Le Guin - Yin and Yang, Feminism and Masculinity, Power and Struggle, Earth and Sky, Dragons and People, Light and Dark, Authority and Participation, Words and Action, Making and Nurturing, Logic and Intuition - The Hinge, The Eyes, and Mu

Media and Activism - Indymedia and the Global Movement of Movements - Rejecting False Objectivity and Doing It Ourselves

All of these links are to full text documents.

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