Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Truck Driving Dream

Truck driving dream. Lots of different big rig related stuff going on in this dream. First we're driving out to Bloomington-Normal in a big rig in order to go to some restaurant or other. As we're driving a number of annoyances happen like the windshield fogging up, other trucks riding in our blind spot, realizing "oh none of us knows how to drive a truck", and finally there's a point where we've been driving a long time and no one was giving directions and we ended up on a bouncy grassy country we're basically not even on a road. Somehow we UTurn and break through a fence and head back to town.

It is at this point that we end up at some kind of trucker competition. The main event is a competition where all these truckers are up on top of their rigs with some hoses in their hands. The goal of the competition is to manipulate something about the engine (by pushing plungers on these hoses and working pedals and such) in such a way as to keep a very unstable kind of idle going. When done right this causes a jazzy shuffle beat kind of rhythmic discharge from the exhaust. The slightest loss of concentration will lead the engine to just die. So there's like 30 truckers on their rigs doing this thing and it's kind of a percussion orchestra of engine sounds and one by one they start dropping out until it seems like there is only one left. My parent's next door neighbor Russ, long time champion at this endurance/skill competition. The trucker's trucker. But then upon closer inspection the judges notice that there's one other person still in the running. My dad! He's never entered this competition before and he felt completely clueless when he started but some circumstances forced competition and now it turns out he was a natural. He ended up winning and becoming the national champion trucker.


So there's this old guy who is doing something evil. Enforcing some moral codes on the populace or something. He's got this big red/brown mark on his shoulder that he says he got from "a gypsy mine in world war I". We think that what it really was was a tattoo that he had filled in. Him having a tattoo would totally discredit his entire moral program. So we confront him in his kitchen. Ask him to tell his exact story about his tattoo. It turns out he says he hit it with his elbow when it went off and we'll like "Aha! It you hit it with your elbow, why is it your shoulder that is wounded!". That amazing feat of deduction was apparently all the proof we needed. He was defeated and it was time to leave. His daughter who was a friend of our who had been defending him for a while was shocked and angry. Arun (who in real life is the pinnacle of cell phone politeness, never using it in public where it would be annoying) was on his cell phone getting a recipe from a friend who kept jibberjabbering on and on and we were like "come on, we've messed with this guy and he's pissed and now it is time to leave his house". All the while there is a legion of random spiders coming towards us from under the guy's sink. Eventually we leave, stomping on some of the more menacing spiders as we go.


In one of last night's dreams there's a scene where I make the wild claim that in Star Trek: The Next Generation all of the main characters who ever died, did so with their uniforms (as opposed to civilian clothes) on. (Now not very many main characters even really died in real life on ST:TNG but in this dream it was like Buffy where they were dying all the time). Anyway whoever I'm with corrects me on this and reminds me that characters played by 2 of our close high school friends both died out of uniform very early in the 7th season (no this didn't happen irl). I felt really bad for forgetting the details of my old friends' roles in Star Trek. It was like a reminder of how much I'd forgotten about that whole era in general.
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