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Ruination Day - The Life and Thoughts of Zach — LiveJournal

Apr. 14th, 2005

04:14 pm - Ruination Day

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I am reminded by a post from brandelyn that today is Ruination Day. Beware!

140 years ago today Abraham Lincoln was shot.
93 years ago today the Titanic sunk.
70 years ago today was Black Sunday, the worst dust blizzard of the Dust Bowl era.

Also, some rock band from Idaho once played a show on April 14th that no one came to.

April 14th, Part I
by Gillian Welch

When the iceberg hit,
Oh they must have known,
God moves on the water
Like Casey Jones.

So I walked downtown
On my telephone,
And took a lazy turn
Through the redeye zone.

It was a five-band bill,
A two-dollar show.
I saw the van out in front
From Idaho,

And the girl passed out
In the backseat trash.
There were no way they'd make
Even a half a tank of gas.

They looked sick and stoned
And strangely dressed.
No one showed
From the local press.

But I watched them walk
Through the bottom land,
And I wished that I played
In a rock & roll band.

Hey, hey,
It was the fourteenth day of April.

Well they closed it down,
With the sails in rags.
And I swept up the fags
And the local mags.

I threw the plastic cups
In the plastic bags,
And the cooks cleaned the kitchen
With the staggers and the jags.

Ruination day,
And the sky was red.
I went back to work,
And back to bed.

And the iceberg broke,
And the Okies fled,
And the Great Emancipator
Took a bullet in the back of the head...

Ruination Day, Part II
by Gillian Welch

and the great boat sank
and the okies fled
and the great emancipator took a bullet in the head
in the head
took a bullet in the back of the head

it was not december and it was not in may
it was 14th of april that was ruination day
that's the day
that's the day
they were one they were two
they were three they were four
they were 500 miles from their home
from their home
they were 500 miles from their home
when the iceberg hit
then they must have known
god moves on the water
casey jones
god moves on the water
casey jones

it was not december and it was not may
it was 14th of april that was ruination day
that's the day
the day that is ruination day


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Date:April 14th, 2005 09:24 pm (UTC)
Two comments...

1) Typo in the lyrics? Should that say April?

it was not december and it was not in may
it was 14th of may that was ruination day
that's the day

2) The "one, two, three, four, five hundred miles from their home" reminds me of a Peter, Paul, and Mary song called Five Hundred Miles. Much similarity. I wonder about the ties there, or if they were pulling from the same source?
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Date:April 14th, 2005 10:17 pm (UTC)
typo fixed.

Pretty much the entirety of Gillian Welch's sound is reminiscent of early folk and mountain music and Peter, Paul, and Mary were part of the first "folk revival" that dug up and popularized a lot of those old 20s and 30s era folk sounds in the 50s and 60s. So I suspect Gillian is drawing from the long tradition that includes Peter, Paul, and Mary as well as a common source.
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Date:April 15th, 2005 05:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's Ruination Day. My family's dog died (see my journal for the whole horrible story) and one of my good friends broke up with her long-term boyfriend. I'm so glad it's now the 15th.

I'm probably going to call my brother now. Sister does not yet know, and neither does my dear gf, who adored my dog. Emily was such a sweetie.
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Date:April 15th, 2005 05:31 am (UTC)
While both certain, taxes are certainly preferable to death.
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Date:April 15th, 2005 06:20 am (UTC)
When I first read this I read it as "Rumination Day", and wondered what all that death had to do with chewing.

Huh. I think I like "Rumination Day" better.
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