Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

creepy dream I just woke up from.

Me and a couple of people I hang out with occasionally at IMC and WEFT are working on some MASSIVE construction project at night on the fourth of July. We're part of a project to remodel a music building on campus (kind of like Krannert but actually a fictitious building). While we're working on the construction board members of this building are running around trying to campaign other board members into approving funding for the projects. The project is to change an open courtyard into a 2 level courtyard with a big fountain and a little extra wing expansion on the building itself. Apparently space is REALLY needed in this building.

Anyway, me and these two women I'm working with have got a swimming pool filled with drywall. The skeptical board members are extremely pleased by the fact that we promise to "go all out with safety measures" during construction and even put up signs saying "no water in pool". At one point I'm both a board member being convinced and a person working on the project (as in teh perspective of the dream shifts back and forth, not as in those two characters are the same person). The board member me looks confused for a moment and says "oh there isn't water in the pool?" and then the camera ironically flashes on the pool FULL of broken drywall scrap.

There is a momentary insight that me (the worker me) and the other two workers have some super powers with which we are able to move huge quantities of drywall with our minds.

At the end of the dream the whole construction scene is a much smaller job. Like we're working on a house at night and the board members are gone. While we work I hear a sputtering and popping sound like distant fireworks. I say "oh I guess that's the grand finale from the big display this year". The two women are completely non-plussed about this, not interested in fireworks, but I say I'm going to go take a break and check it out from the porch.

I look out and see that what is actually happening is that a huge cache of fireworks that I had (in a previous dream) stashed in the attic of the house next door had caught on fire. The neighbors weren't home and this stash was going to burn their house down and probably ours with it as flaming death was shooting out in all directions. I was frozen with guilt and denial and fear and indecision. Until I woke up.

Upon waking it took me some time to remember which parts of the dream weren't real. I was super afraid and guilty feeling that I had irresponsibly left a stash of fireworks somewhere and only after some minutes did I realize it was ALL a dream.

In an earlier dream I was creating trouble (in an activist civil disobedience way) by preaching without a license. The local churches were pissed. I was doing it by just yelling at the top of my lungs but I was poised to get a radio station and go further.

God this has been an awesome dream night so far and there's still hours of sleep left.
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