Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Update to Yesterday's News

Lots of people posted yesterday about a certain plagarist.

Even though the story was a good one I didn't contribute to the blanket blog propagation of this particular bit of information because I figured the rest of the blog world was punishing this girl enough without my sector of the blogosphere contributing to the harsh. Anyway, how was I to know whether it was a hoax or not.

Well today there is an update. If you noticed at some point yesterday that the girl's name changed, it did (to protect the guilty). She did get punished harshly by the blogosphere and the original author is requesting that folks lay off the poor (foolish) girl (and her nice mom) as she's pretty much as caught as she can get. And that's that. Assuming it isn't all a hoax.
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