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Good weather!

I fixed my bike today. I bought a helmet today. I mounted my fantastically cool new Arkel Bags. (*) I bought a helmet. I inflated my tires. I readjusted my bell. I lubed my chain. And I went for a ride. In shorts and a t-shirt.

I feel really good about this new weather, and tomorrow promises to be even better.

I ended up at Best Buy where I bought some accessories for my video camera for a videography project that I have volunteered for on Wednesday.

(*) For anyone who rides bike, I can not recommend Arkel enough. These bags are AMAZING. The handlebar bag has this metal mounting bracket that goes on the handlebars and a metal dohicky on the bag that just clicks on and off. It's really SOLID and the easiest bar bag to take on and off that I've ever had. And the map holder that is built into it is fantastically cool. The backpack panier is built like a tank. It has seriously waterproof zippers (as does the bar bag), a very hard core aluminum mounting assembly, and is made of seriously unrippable materials. The bag is spacious and it has an external pouch specifically for stowing a helmet. When I get off my bike it takes me a trivial amount of time to unsnap my bar bag, put it in my panier, put my helmet in my panier, pop out the backpack straps and have all my theftable bags and stuff in one comfortable package on my back. I keep my cell phone in the map case so I can see the time on it while I ride. I think the map case will be generally useful for stowing all kinds of flatish, information bearing electronic gadgets (e.g. gps, mp3 player, etc). And while these bags weren't cheap they weren't really much more than other much inferior bike bags so if you're already in the market for a $100 panier, why not get a $125 backpack-panier.
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