Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller


"List ten things you've done, that your readers probably haven't."

(This is hard because I keep thinking of incredibly unique things that I've done WITH other people on my friends list. There's not very many cool things that I've done that I didn't share with someone. Many things below were shared experiences but not with folks on my flist.)

1. Slept on the side of a mountain in the Denali National Park Wilderness Area with no trails, roads, or other humans in sight.
2. Attempted to build a rail gun.
3. Almost gotten stranded in Vienna without ID, Passport, Credit Cards, Cash, Luggage, Plane Ticket, or any other vital stuff.
4. Named after Zachary Bass - Man in the Wilderness
5. Saw Black '47 play the China Club, twice.
6. Been hired to promote a new folk music festival.
7. Gotten a bloody lip moshing in an open field to Jethro Tull during Locomotive Breath
8. Headbanged/thrashed for nearly 6 hours straight to the point of complete failure of the neck muscles.
9. Built a 5 minute long fireworks "fountain" with whistle and report.
10. Invented a complex mythology about my alien race of origin.
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