Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

From the IMC website

Laurel Prussing Trumps Satterthwaite, Urbana Gets First Female Mayor!
by IMCista
22 Feb 2005

With all 23 precincts reporting:

Prussing 2507
Hursey 125
Satterthwaite 2237

Progressives solidfied their hold on Urbana politics as Laurel Prussing handily won the Democratic mayoral primary over 12-year incumbent Tod Satterthwaite. Winning the Democratic primary in Urbana virtually assures that Prussing will become Urbana's first female mayor.

In the three council primaries, voters elected two progressive candidates and Carle now has it's first representative, Lynn Barnes, who will also represent Ward 7 in her spare time.

Not enough disputed ballots to make a difference anywhere except Baldwin vs. Roberts

For council:
Roberts (by a nose and some provisional ballots may make a difference)
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