Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Festival Website!

I just finished up the first version of the website for the folk festival!

For those who have missed the news, I am the festival director for a folk music festival in the Porcupine Mountains in UP Michigan. I got this gig because some folks up there heard about my IMC folk music booking experience and my work on the IMCfests and they asked me if I could pull off pulling together a first annual event up there. I jumped right into that fire with great eagerness.

We're still working on our schedule but we've got Iris Dement lined up as our headliner.

We haven't got all our grants secured but we've got funding from one grant and a few investors. This festival is DEFINITELY a go at this point.

Tickets aren't available yet but they will be very soon.

Sign up for our email list if you want to get an announcement when tickets are on sale or when we have fleshed out our lineup some more.

We also need volunteers throughout Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan to hang fliers and do other promotional stuff.

I am so psyched about this thing! This is definitely the biggest project that I've ever been in charge of. It's daunting, scary, and exhilarating.

The design for the website is a modifed version of Core Elements from Open Source Web Designs. That site is an incredible resource. The logo for the festival was done by OJC Technologies.
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