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Brodsky Show

Adam Brodsky with Darrin Drda
Saturday, June 28th @ 8pm
$6-$15 sliding scale at the door ($10 suggested)

The Channing-Murray (above the Red Herring)
1209 W. Oregon St., Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 344-8820

The final June IMC folk music series show! (But don't worry there'll be more shows in upcoming months. Stay tuned for those.)

I can think of no better person to cap off this great June series than Adam Brodsky. Adam has played more IMC folk shows than any other touring performer. He's been playing IMC folk shows since shortly after the IMC opened. We're his favorite venue in Illinois and his fans come from all over the state to see him in Urbana.

Adam Brodsky plays anti-folk. Anti-folk is more like Woody Guthrie's folk than anything called "folk" that you'll hear. This is stripped down, raw, gritty folk. This is smart intelligent folk. This is dirty folk. Adam says things you've probably thought about but were too embarrased to say. Adam gets in your face and tells it like it is, with a smile, with a snarl, with a sarcastic twist.

Adam's shows are incredibly interactive. By the time you leave you'll know the choruses and punchy in-jokes to several songs. You'll have laughed. You'll probably have been briefly offended. And then you'll have laughed some more.

Adam Brodsky is community.

Imagine putting Woody Guthrie, Dennis Miller, Sam Kinison, Charles Bukowski, and Ani DiFranco in a car together for a month. Adam Brodsky is like that.

Adam sings about the erosion of our civil rights, the dirtiness of hippies, how bad his love life is, and how good it is in his dreams. He sings about love lost and roads traveled. He plays that mean and nasty harmonica/guitar combo that's made every great folkie famous. And we keep coming back for it, for reasons none of us understand.

Adam Brodsky is a fucking genius and a real asshole. And underneath it all he's the nicest guy I've ever met. He's got great friends all over the country. A couple of us even drove out to Philly to see his CD release show last winter. He inspires that kind of craziness.

Adam Brodsky, we're not scared of you. We're coming to your fucking folk show and we're going to clap!

Opening for Adam will be local award-winning songwriter Darrin Drda, long time host of IMC's Cabaret. Darrin writes plain spoken songs about everyday transcendence, love, drugs, numbers, road trips. The good things in life.

Come to four IMC sponsored folk shows and get your fifth one free.

IMC Shows at the Channing-Murray are all ages, non-smoking, and non-alcoholic.

This show co-sponsored by WEFT 90.1 FM.

Take our survey and get a free sampler CD for the folk music series.

Admission will be on a sliding scale and, space permitting, no one is
turned away for inability to pay.
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