Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

NY Supreme Court: Gays Must Be Allowed To Marry

What a crazy time we live in. Just last night I was reading a Press Release about the legal troubles that Green Party Mayor of New Paltz, New York Jason West has been involved in since he's been performing gay marriages. This morning I read an article in the latest Slingshot (the issue I was reading #84 is not online yet) calling for radicals to perform "polyamorous gender traitorous orgies in the streets" as a diversionary tactic so that the folks fighting for gay marriage would be seen as the moderate mainstream compromise position rather than the radical position. This afternoon wendywoohoo posts this great news!
From ABC:
(New York -WABC, February 4, 2005) — We have breaking news. According to Lambda Legal, which filed a lawsuit on behalf of same-sex couples, a New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled same sex couples must be allowed to marry.

A spokesman for the court system has confirmed that a ruling has been issued in the landmark case on gay marriages in New York.

Lambda Legal called it "a historic ruling that delivers the state Constitution's promise of equality to all New Yorkers."

Susan Sommer, supervising attorney at Lambda Legal and the lead attorney on the case, added that "The court recognized that unless gay people can marry, they are not being treated equally under the law. Same-sex couples need the protections and security marriage provides, and this ruling says they're entitled to get them the same way straight couples do."
EDIT - Note that in New York state the "supreme court" is NOT the highest court in the land, it is more like a "circuit court". There are still 1 or 2 levels of appeals available in this case.
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