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Calmly, efficiently, one thing at a time.

The title of this entry is from a comment from mrsbrown. It was a cool comment to come home to because it was kind of my mantra for the day.

So last night a very generous friend of mine gave me a loan that really puts me in a position where I can face the next 2 weeks without panicking about the sheer impossibility of it all. Karma is a good thing. I bailed this friend out a few years ago (just as I've bailed others out, and other friends had bailed me out) and now he's in a better position and he's bailing me out. The best thing about going broke is that it generally doesn't happen to all of us at once. So now I can put off the big side consulting project that is waiting for the plucking until after the party, then I can do it and pay back my friend and be back in the black.

Today I woke up and pretty much sprung immediately into action. I am, surprisingly, really glad today, at the height of the highest stress that I've had in a while, that I don't own a car. If I owned a car I would have gone out in it and zoomed around nervously, angrily, and hurriedly doing my chores. I probably would have been irresponsible and a danger to myself and others given my mental condition. But instead I have a bike. Traditionally I have always manged stress with exercise and lately I haven't been getting any. Between being sick, being busy, and traveling I just haven't been moving as much as I should. Especially in the past week where I haven't even left the house much. So doing my far flung chores today by bike meant that I got to bundle up and get out in the bright sunlight and get my body moving right after waking up. This gave me energy, reduced my stress, was probably good for my cold, increased my oxygen intake and regulated my breathing, allowed me to eat a reasonable meal and not feel exhausted afterwards, kept me from being distracted by the internet, and was generally an all around good thing.

I also got some volunteers to help a bit with some of the more tedious parts of the transition away from my DSL line and a few people took me up on sending donations for the party!

What I got done today:
1. Picked up a power supply from Arun at South Research Park (3 miles from home)
2. Withdrew the loan my friend sent me last night via PayPal using my PayPal ATM card and depositted it and some checks I had in the bank. (.25 miles from South Research Park)
3. Picked up my order from G-Mart on the way up to Champaign Computer (3 miles from my bank)
4. Went to Champaign Computer to buy a new CPU cooler and a 40GB laptop harddrive. Was recognized as a Green Party candidate by the ever friendly, hyper-knowledgable, and outrageously attractive sales rep. (1.5 miles from G-Mart)
5. Went to Borders to do some Christmas shopping and to cash in my gift card that I got for my birthday. Got all my (immediately family only this year) Christmas shopping done. (1.5 miles from Champaign Computer)
6. Cruised around North Prospect, hit Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Lowes, and East Coast Subs (or something likethat), looking for Wireless Access Point deals for my parents who definitely need one. Found a great deal at Best Buy ($9 for a D-Link 802.11b access point, $5 for a wireless card...both after rebate) but decided that I didn't want to wait in the huge line and couldn't really afford to float the purchase until the rebate checks came back. Picked up some needed wire connectors from Lowes for a project. (.25 miles of cruising)
7. Dropped off my backpack at home on the way to the Cable Company. (6 miles from North Prospect)
8. Went over to the cable company and paid the late bill directly. (.5 miles round trip from home)
9. Came home and installed the new power supply and CPU fan, followed up on some emails, wrote this LJ post.

That's 16 miles of riding about and getting things done. I needed that. I haven't had a 16 mile bike ride for a long time.

I've got a few more emails to follow up on and then I'm off to see my friends at Tuesday night bowling for a bit. Then I'm going to try to get some of that doco work done tonight.

I'm feeling pretty good. Lots lots lots more to do but I feel like stuff is going to be managable.

Oh the presents I bought for myself with my gift card (I was going to use it to buy stuff for my family, but I felt kind bad using their gift of a gift card to buy them gifts...especially since I wasn't completely fucked for money with the loan from my friend): Dropkick Murphys Do or Die, Flogging Molly Within a Mile of Home, Sinead O'Connor i do not want what i haven't got, Sleater Kinney self-titled. I was in the mood to expand my punkish rock collection (and the Sinead album is just the only one that I don't happen to own but REALLY like). I don't actually know much about Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys but multiple people have recommended them both to me recently. What I REALLY wanted to get was the irish-punk band that played with Humpty Dumpster and stayed at our house once but I couldn't remember their name.

Still to do:
1. Visit friends.
2. Documentation for wireless benchmark.
3. Move all domains DNS that I host over to temporary host at OJC, pending OJC approval of this plan. Otherwise move them all to free nameservers. Update and other registrars for each of about 70 domains to point to new name servers. Reduce refresh time in SOA records to 5 minutes.
4. Move imsahp server over to OJC, configure it onto their slightly weird NAT'ed network, change the DNS, test like crazy and cross fingers.
5. Notify 20,000 email list users of the change and publicly thank OJC for providing temporary bandwidth while I work out my connectivity.
6. Send the fax that I finally got from McLeod back to them to get the SDSL order rolling.
7. Figure out what other connectivity option I want to pursue besides McLeod SDSL as I do want a backup connection so this never happens again.
8. Move services from onto my server for the time period when it is at OJC. (peppergray is another server living at my house and only 1 IP address is available at OJC). This is low priority.
9. Enjoy Christmas with family.
10. Clean and arrange house for party.
11. Shop for party (booze, snacks, movies, keg, etc).
12. Rebuild laptop before heading home so I have a platform to work on from home. If I don't get to this, I'll use my parents' iMac.

I'm sure there's a few other things that I'm forgetting. But I think I can handle this.
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