Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Reports on the Recount

The recount in Ohio is really causing a lot of intense action in the courts and in Congress. The election and the future of our democratic system are far from decided and there are lots of ways that folks can be involved in this. It's important that folks keep reading up on the incredible day to day breaking news and talk to friends and family and contacts about it. This movement to hold the State of Ohio's electoral system accountable is really inspiringly grassroots.

Led by the Green Party, raised over $250,000 in 11 days, organized, mobilized, trained, and deployed over 1000 volunteers in less than 3 weeks. Lots of people didn't believe there was a real issue in Ohio when this started because Kerry had conceded and the news wasn't covering the recount. But now that there are allegations of criminal activity on the part of the Secretary of State's office, of massive voting problems, of obstructionist tactics by Blackwell, congressional testimony by David Cobb and others, calls by Representative Conyers for a full congressional hearing on this matter, State Supreme Court filings calling for the decertification of Ohio's electors, and more are finally bringing much needed (but still not enough) media coverage. And now finally, lumberingly, Kerry is starting to make noises himself. His concession was non-binding of course. There is no longer any doubt that something very important is happening in Ohio.

There are going to be times in the next month when we're going to have to take collective action. We have to make sure as many of us as possible as plugged into the various information networks so that we can keep track of what is going on, where we can help, who we can call, where we can send money, and when we need to be in the streets. It is clear that this election has been horribly tainted. I could care less about whether Kerry or Bush managed to con the most people into voting for them but we are well and truly fucked if our votes aren't even being counted properly, if they are in fact being manipulated.

Here are some links of the news sources I've been trying to follow in the midst of my otherwise insanely over-busy last month: (search for "Ohio Election" to see 3 hours of footage from the Judiciary Committee forum)
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