Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Two Kinds of People: Those Who Have Lost Data and Those Who Will

So I sat down at about 3pm today to seriously sink my teeth into some work that I wanted to get done before Monday. Not more than 10 minutes after I booted my laptop, it's harddrive ate itself. Froze up and wouldn't boot on power cycling. The CD-ROM drive for that laptop died a few weeks ago so I couldn't even boot off of CD to investigage. That laptop has been my main development workstation for several months now.

It is now 4am, 13 hours later, and I finally have a usable workstation set up. In the past 13 hours I have:

* Dismantled my laptop and removed the harddrive.
* Set up a work space in my basement near my server rack.
* Connected the hardrive to an old celeron desktop that I had laying around.
* Downloaded and burned a LNX-BBC CD.
* Used LNX-BBC to fsck the drive. This took 3 passes before the drive stabilized and mounted properly.
* Confirmed that although the drive now mounted that the data in it was well and truely hosed with 762 files in lost+found.
* Mounted the drive and networked the machine to my disk server and copied all the files that were still uncorrupted onto a stable disk for safe keeping.
* Installed a floppy drive and made a Hitachi disk utility floppy from disk image.
* Ran the Hitachi disk checking program from floppy on the drive to detect any remaining errors.
* Cobbled together a celeron desktop machine that I could install Debian onto in order to bring into the office at OJC since my laptop will be dead for a while.
* Encountered massive hardware problems with the Debian install and gave up.
* Worked on getting GNOME running on trogdor, my disk server.
* Swapped video cards between imsahp and trogdor because trogdor's video card would only do 800x600.
* Downloaded and configured GNOME on trogdor.

Now I have a workstation I can work on at home but that I can't bring to OJC.

Hardware failures are frustrating!
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