Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Final Dream - Hot Water

So then I went back to sleep and had another dream. I think it really is the Gardinera. Normally I keep Gardinera around as a staple and I eat tons of it and normally I have lots of dreams. I haven't been dreaming for months and months. Yesterday I eat some Gardinera and I'm dreaming all night!

In high school I used to purposely eat spicy sandwiches to bring on awesome dreams.'s another hotel dream. This time me and my sister are on some kind of roadtrip or quest or something. We're staying in some random hotel on the way. Some woman that we know but who is definitely annoying us is sitting in the room telling some story. Her story is about how some other women ("bitches" I believe was the word) were wrongfully mad at her because she had shut off the hot water at the bathroom sink. It turns out that the only way to turn off the hot water at the faucet is to turn it off under the sink. The knobs on the faucet were broken. So this woman was just doing her part to conserve. She'd even put up a sign about it but that had gone missing.

While she's telling this incessantly boring story, I have a flash of inspiration. I think that maybe the hot water in THIS room has been on the blink and that I can fix it by playing with the shutoff valve under the sink. As soon as the woman leaves our room I go over to try to fix the hot water. But my sister is Pissed. We get into the kind of sibling screaming tantrum that we haven't had since I was like 13. She says she needs to use the shower and that I'm going to break everything. I say it might already be broken and I'm going to fix it!

But I'm not even sure that it is broken. I'm having a hard time testing my theory. The control for all the water stuff are interrelated and confusing. For some reason the water seems to be affected by the controls on the sink AND in the shower. It flows through some overly complex plumbing. And it takes forever to get hot. So I have to devise a series of complex experiments in order to figure out which valves affect which variables.

In the process I open what is either a small refrigerator (like dorm size) or a cubic hot water heater. I open a door on the front and it is full of water. There is nothing holding the water in, it just spill out. But the water just stays there as if an invisible wall was holding it in place. I stick my hand through the water barrier and it still doesn't spill, I have to reach through the water in order to reach some valve or something in there. I don't have time to wonder about the strange water behavior, assume that there's some bit of surface tension science that I didn't properly remember and that if I could remember it would explain this.

In the end, I fix the hot water. It works correctly and gets hot right away. My sister shrugs, doesn't believe it was ever broken, and kicks me out to take her shower.
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