Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Animated and Show Dreams

I'm not sure but I think this may have been my first ever cartoon dream. I dreamed an entire episode of the Venture Brothers. (Oddly, I haven't seen Venture Brothers in about 3 or 4 weeks). I think my character may have been one of the brothers. It was at times kind of a mix of Venture Brothers and Futurama.

There was this guy who started out in the dream as Utah Phillips. We had to protect him from this giant flying cone thing. The cone would ram into space stations with it's tip and breach the hull and try to devour Utah Phillips. I spent most of the dream being kind of dumbfounded that I was in the presence of Utah Phillips.

At one point we'd hauled ass through space to a remote space station where we thought we were definitely safe. There was a sort of manhole with a screw top that was the entrance to the space station bridge that we were all standing on. We were all joking around when suddenly the cone thing showed up. We locked the screw top on the manhole and Brock stood guard over it to make sure no one opened it. It turns out that we left Bender behind, locked down below and in danger. He was whining to let him in. Brock wouldn't let anyone open the hatch though because the cone thing could kill us all. But then Utah Phillips walks up and says he's going to open it. When Brock threatens him we are all amazed as Utah bests him in hand to hand wrestling and opens the hatch. It turns out that not only is he Utah Phillips, he is also Sean Connery and is the strongest man in the world. As soon as the hatch is opened the cone devours him and then disappears, sated. It turns out that all it wanted to do was eat the strongest man in the world and then it was full and had no interest in us.

(There was some kind of interlude that was non-animated where I was in a carved wood canoe with some old timer who was pointing out how much modern freight trains sucked because when you looked at them they didn't have Utah Phillips riding in them.)

Oh! I also had a dream about doing sound for an Opportunists show. It was in some kind of ballroom and I got pulled in at the last minute to do sound. The whole system had already been set up, I just had to run it. The board was totally different than the one I am used to running. I faced two main problems. First was blending Meghan's voice which I was able to do with some EQ adjustments. But as soon as I made her voice sound awesome she shyly noticed that it could be heard and backed off the microphone. Second was fixing something about Arun's drums. There was this one weird frequency that kept really ringing out every time around would hit the toms a lot. I couldn't figure out if it was some weird desired sound or something I should fix. I couldn't figure out how to fix it. I was listening in intently to the drums on solo on the headphones and then suddenly the set was over. I'd wasted too much time and failed to pay attention to anything else in the show.

As a team of volunteers rushed in to break down the equipment, I tried to mute all the channels (to avoid that loud popping noise when someone unplugs a live microphone). But this board had a "feature" where when you mute one channel it unmutes all previously muted channels. So I had to sit there trying to guess/remember which channels went with which microphones and to watch and try to mute just exactly as someone looked like they were going to unplug a cable. But that mean I couldn't help with breakdown and people thought I was a slacker because I was just sitting at the sound board. I kept trying to simultaneously press all the relevant mute buttons to try to get around the limitation/feature of the board but I had only limitted luck.

I remember thinking it was weird that the soundboard had a 1-octave piano keyboard attached to it for sending reference tones to the musicians, I guess.
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