Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Dream of Many Rooms

I'm sick today so I decided to take a day time nap and I just had a crazy dream.

I was traveling around the US and at some point ended up at this really posh hotel where I had stayed previously. I had left some things there that were really important to me and I'd been looking for them for years. I was excited at the opportunity to get them back. They were a plastic action figure and some other mysterious thing that was really important to me but that I wouldn't mention in the dream because I feared anyone who knew about it would steal it for themselves.

So I wait around for a really long time while all these desk dudes are busy taking reservations and basically just blowing me off, to the point of asking the person behind me if they can help them. They're probably ignoring me because of how badly I'm dressed. I look around and realize everyone is hyper rich except me and I'm dressed _way_ down. Finally I lock eye contact with one guy who has been doing basically nothing and I say "look I stayed here before and I don't want to rent a room this time I just want to visit your lost and found". The guy perks up when he hears that I've stayed there before and suddenly he's super mega nice to me. And offers to walk me to the lost and found.

The walk to the lost and found turns into a tour of all the "weird" rooms of the hotel. First we go through this attic where all the hotel staff sleep. It is a single gigantic room with dozens of single beds. The floor is not level and there's a very definite sense that this building is VERY ricketty and that they have too much weight up here. It feels like if you were to jump that the whole floor would shake around like it was loose. I remarked something about the privacy being very lacking, what if the staff want to have sex or something. The desk guy just giggled and said that people don't worry about privacy here.

Next he showed me a series of rooms that you entered through a small hole in the ceiling of the room or through a hatch. All the rooms were entered from above. One room had a spider that had been building a web for 10 years. It was huge. The guy played a joke and locked me into that room and I thought I wasn't going to be able to get out. Each of the rooms I didn't just peak into, I climbed down into it, looked around, and had to be helped out by the guy. I was never quite sure if he was going to leave me stuck in a room but I also didn't know if I had the option of not climbing down into them, there was some sort of command/threat from this guy that I needed to do what he said.

I wish I could remember what was in the other rooms. They were all places of dingy beauty. There's be some weird person doing some crazy thing or some weird piece of forgotten dusty art or the aftermath of some weird activity.
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