Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

I am so not a comic book guy, Don, you're changing my archetypes!

Last night:

I was a member of a band of people with super powers. I seemed to be a cross between the scientist/inventor guy and the underwater guy. We had a bunch of bad guys frozen in some kind of suspended animation thing. Something happened and one of them thawed out, this was a character who would explode with rage and strength (like an evil Hulk), but somehow he seemed like an OK guy when he was thawed out. Our group hatched a theory that the freezing process somehow neutralized the evil super power in these characters. The other evil guy morphed into a shark or something (but again, didn't after thawing). Actually we may have decided to melt the other guy because of our theory about the first guy.

After some time passed and the former-bad-guys underwent some stress though their evil started creeping out again. However they honestly didn't want it to. They wanted help staying good.

But alas the rage guy lost it and ran off to become the nemesis of the group once more. The shark guy became permashark but it became clear that he wasn't really evil, he was just a shark. So I knocked him out with a punch and carried him down deep into the ocean and released him among some other sharks.

90% of this dream was actually the swimming adventure part and not the psychological drama described above. It was really beautiful and a little scary. To swim down to where the shark needed to be I had to swim through the shell of a decaying underwater building (it used to be on land but somehow rising water overtook it). There were all kinds of twisty passages and tight spots to swim/climb through. This is a recurring theme in some of my dreams, navigating twisty passages in ancient decaying buildings. Then I went so deep that there was no light and that was a little scary because I knew I was surrounded by stuff. Eventually I got to a reef type area where I released the shark.
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