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Party For Green

Acoustic Halloween Green for The Green Party Party

Time: 7pm-late
Where: Vote Zach Campaign Headquarters
107 W. Washington
When: October 30, 2004

7:30pm-8:30pm - Kate Hathaway
8:30pm-9:30pm - Dale C. Miller and Rory Miller
9:30pm-11pm - Artists TBA
11pm-11:30pm - Joni Laurence (time subject to change)

The weekend before the election is a time to celebrate and the Green Party and "Friends of Zach Miller" committee to elect Zach Miller to Champaign County Board are throwing a hootenanny at Zach Miller Campaign Headquarters.

It is time to celebrate because the future is bright. All across this countrym, Greens are going to be elected to local offices in record numbers. Whatever the direct outcome of this election, the long term outcome is that huge amounts of grassroots organizing has been happening all over the country and right here at home. People are ready and eager not only to vote for progressive social justice change but to work for that change. All that work deserves a celebration!

This party will be an informal gathering with Green Party candidates, music, food, and drinks. Come hang out with your friends, neighbors, candidates, and fellow community members. Hear some great live acoustic music and learn a little bit about the Green Party.

Halloween costumes are not required but they are welcome!

This is a benefit for the Green Party and we'll be politely asking for donations at the door but donations are absolutely not required. Your donation will help us defray the cost of photocopying and yard signs and postage from our campaigns but if you just want to swing by and ask some questions or listen to some great music then please do! This is a benefit, but it's also a party.

Go to the invite page and invite yourself in order to RSVP. Feel free to come anyway even if you don't RSVP.
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