Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Door to Door for Zach

This weekend we'll be going door to door doing lit drops (no talking so those of you who are shy can still help!) all over district 9 for my county board campaign.

I've got 3000 fliers that I want to get out to all the voters in my district. If we can get enough volunteers (10-20) on the streets on Saturday then we can get this thing out to everyone. This will save the campaign $1000 in postage costs! So come on out and give us a hand on Saturday!

We'll meet at my house - 107 W. Washington - at 11am. If you are late, don't worry, I'll make sure there is someone at the house who can give you some fliers to take out. Call me at 217-621-6768 if you have any questions. I'll see you there! Thanks in advance for your help.

My co-candidate lidora says:
Pat Lamarche, the Green Party vice presidential candidate, will be speaking tonight (Thursday) at Mandarin Wok from 7-9. You should all come out and hear this amazing woman, even if you don't plan on voting for her. We will be ordering lots of yummy food that you can eat for 5 dollars. Please come. We will be in the back "party room".
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