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Audio Geeking

Sound Forge is the Hot Shit. That noise reduction plugin is like magic, I swear. And graphic dynamics and graphic EQ rock. For a bootleg I think my very first attempt at "mastering" went pretty well. I removed the high pitched noise generated by my shitty laptop sound card (I need USB sound thingy with balanced audio ins...yes I do). Mix the two channels (one was the board output and the other was the ambient room mic) into two new channels for a nice stereo effect. Then a little EQ here, a little compression there, extra volume maximizing and another round of noise reduction for the "unplugged" final song. Lots of controls to fiddle with, lots of "Edit->Undo" usage.

I didn't split into tracks. I need to find some software for creating DAO TOC's so I don't have to have 2 second gaps if I want separate tracks.

Now to send it to the artist and see if she wants me to burninate (destroy) it, trade it on the downlow, distribute it widely, or use it as a fundraiser for IMC.

And now also to do the same 5 hour process to each of 10 more recordings that I have from past shows. Hopefully now that I understand the software it won't take 10 hours.

The funny thing is that I was going to go to Pogo for the first night of Studio Engineer Class tonight but I didn't and I ended up learning myself some studio stuff anyway.
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