Zach Miller (zarfmouse) wrote,
Zach Miller

Local Candidate: On the Spot

A news-gazette survey (my answers will probably be greatly edited when they appear in the news paper):

1. Should the county create its own public health department instead of contracting with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District? Why or why not?

The county board should take a strong and active stand against the anti-union activities of the CUPHD administration. Creating a separate department should be a last resort, but if necessary to support unionized health care workers, I will support it. I will support the use of union labor for all county services, including contracted services.

2. What specific budget movies would you recommend to avoid budget deficits?

I would seek to identify and eliminate sources of waste such as patronage jobs created solely for the enrichment of the supporters of elected officials. The prison-industrial complex is often a source of great waste and I will analyze the county jails, the county courts, and the sheriff's office to make sure our justice system is just, responsive, and efficient.

Ultimately, short term budget deficits due to a temporary economic downturn are not a major problem. In this low interest rate climate and with economic recovery on the horizon, the county should never cut vital human services in the face of a budget deficit.

3. What zoning changes should the county's comprehensive zoning review address?

I will oppose plans to encourage big box development on our most precious fertile black soil. Sprawling developments hurt our rivers, our soil, and our air through flooding, erosion, and increased smog. Sprawling developments are unsustainable as they will ultimately cost the residents of the county more than the tax revenues they may bring in.
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